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Waste sorting information in France: Cosmed publishes a practical memento

The eco-organisations in charge of the cosmetics sector, Leko and Citéo, have published technical guides for the use of the waste-sorting system. These guides give all the graphic rules related to the affixing of this new marking, which will be applicable on 1 January 2022. Marketers will have until 9 September 2022 to modify their packaging. For packaging manufactured or imported before 9 September 2022 and not bearing the sorting information, an additional six months is granted.

This marking, combining the Triman sign with sorting procedures, must appear on all packaging intended for French households, whether or not the packaging is recycled. All cosmetic packaging or parts of packaging are concerned, including glass.

In response to the many questions from manufacturers, Cosmed has published a specific memento for the cosmetics sector. In it, manufacturers will find all the useful and practical information on the obligations and methods of displaying the waste sorting information. Request your free guide by contacting