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Data from the cosmetics industry

Economic and strategic intelligence for companies in the cosmetics industry

The Cosmed-SVP Quarterly Report

Cosmed has joined forces with SVP, one of the best providers of decision-making information, to design a decision-making tool for cosmetics industry managers. This business intelligence and strategic information tool will enable them to anticipate and adapt to a constantly changing world.

Each quarter, Cosmed will communicate to the industry a review of consolidated information on 4 strategic areas:
• Trends
• Cosmetics market figures
• Innovation and strategies of cosmetics market players
• Market outlook

Key indicators of the cosmetics industry

Numerous indicators are regularly published in the media to present figures on the cosmetics sector. As these data are global, the results of large groups often make the data of small and medium-sized companies “invisible”. In order to put the data of these cosmetic companies into perspective in relation to large groups, Cosmed, in partnership with SVP, publishes a quarterly summary of key indicators relating to the life of companies in our sector: investment, innovation, employment, work organization, economic outlook….