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Cosmed’s actions with EU / international institutional authorities

Defending your interests

COSMED represents the interests of VSEs, SMEs and ETIs to all authorities in charge of the cosmetics industry.

  • To the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM).
  • To the General Directorate for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF)
    which is a French administration under the Ministry of Economy.
  • With regional institutions in order to bring together cosmetics players with innovative sectors and elected officials: economic development agencies, associations, innovation catalysts, Technopoles/Competitive Clusters, Regional Councils.     

  • With the European Commission.
    Since 2007, SME United has mandated Cosmed to represent European SMEs in the cosmetics sector. Cosmed acts directly within the active working groups of the European Commission (cosmetics, cosmetovigilance, CPNP portal notification, borderline products, nanomaterials…) and participates in the Plenary Commission.
  • With AFNOR and ISO
    Cosmed is a member of 5 working groups: natural and organic products, home fragrances, microbiology, solar, analytical methods.



  • With international partner organisations.
    Cosmed collaborates directly with authorities or associations abroad: in Asia (JCIA – Japan, KCA – Korea, CTFAS – Asean), in the Middle East (GSO, KTSD – Turkey), in North America (CIR – USA), in South America (ABIHPEC – Brazil, CANIPEC – Mexico, CAN – Andean Community), Europe (APCU – Ukraine).





A working group approach

Within the framework of this representation mission, COSMED has set up a Regulatory, Scientific and Technical Commission (RST) and internal Working Groups. Their mission is to make comments and recommendations. The participation procedure to the RST Commission is open to members only.

For more information, contact COSMED: