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Cosmed watches for you

cosmetic regulation monitoring service

COSMED Regulatory Monitoring covers 120 countries.

A unique consultation system allows you to :

  • Direct access to a database available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week containing all the applicable texts, tables of substances, reports, summaries, etc. (1,500 updated sheets);
  • Perform a targeted search by keyword, geographical area, type of product;
  • Receive monitoring alerts by e-mail, whenever there are regulatory changes;
  • Benefit from regulatory assistance to ask your questions to a specialised team.

Our team offers a free demonstration of the online monitoring tool (45 minutes) by appointment. Please send an email to : :


Consult the calendar of your regulatory obligations


Access to Cosmed Regulatory Monitoring

This space is reserved for REGULATORY MONITORING subscribers.

  • To access the COSMED REGULATORY MONITORING platform, log in on the top right of the screen in the “CONNECT” area and click on “COSMED VEILLE” for a direct access.

Guide to using the tool:  Downloard the tutorial

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Regulatory webinars

2500 professionals attended COSMED regulatory webinars in 2023 on topics as varied as eco-design, nanomaterials, endocrine disruptors, chemical inventories, bulk, Brexit, India, Korea, Egypt, China.

Would you like to consult the Cosmed regulatory webinars programme or subscribe to a 1 or 3 webinar pack??

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