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Cosmed, 960 members: a first place confirmed in the representation of cosmetic companies

2021 marks a new stage in Cosmed’s representation of companies in the cosmetics industry. After reaching a first milestone in the 3rd quarter of 2021, with 930 member companies, the last quarter marks an unprecedented growth in the number of companies joining the ranks of the Association. Thirty new companies have joined the network, bringing the total number of Cosmed members to 960 VSEs, SMEs and ETIs.

While Cosmed represents all the trades of the cosmetics sector (own brands, manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, expertise and testing laboratories, consultants, training), brands are the strongest contributors to this growth, with an increase of 62% in 7 years. They are followed by ingredient suppliers, the 3rd largest sector of activity, with a growth of 91%.

Cosmed now represents 45% of the industry, with 48,000 employees and 4.8 billion euros in sales.

This confidence, renewed each year, confirms the effectiveness of Cosmed’s actions in representing companies before the regulatory authorities (European Commission, ISO/AFNOR, Ministries of Health, Industry, and Economy), as well as the quality of the services made available to support their development. By creating the first global environmental service dedicated to the cosmetics industry, Cosmed continues to innovate to meet the needs of companies.