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The ANSES confirms it: the hydro-alcoholic gels formulated according to the derogatory decrees are indeed effective!

While the cosmetics industry mobilized in 2020 to provide the French population with hydroalcoholic gels and solutions, some voices were raised to question the disinfectant qualities of hydroalcoholic gels manufactured under derogatory order and marketed by the industry.

Cosmed, the leading professional association representing the cosmetics industry, mobilized in April 2020 to set the record straight (press release), reminding us that hydroalcoholic gels and solutions manufactured in compliance with the decree of March 13, 2020 are disinfectant, bactericide and virucide biocides. They are as effective as products manufactured according to the biocide regulation (EU) No. 528/2012. As for health care personnel, companies can confidently make these products available to their employees.

The expertise of the Anses published on June 30, 2021 confirms the effectiveness of gels and hydroalcoholic solutions manufactured and marketed by the cosmetics industry and respecting the derogation order of March 2020. These products bear the words “hydroalcoholic solution recommended by the World Health Organization for hand antisepsis” or “hydroalcoholic gel for hand antisepsis – derogatory order”.
Stability tests on the alcohol content (these formulas have an alcohol content of 65%v/v minimum) under standard conditions of use have also been carried out and show, in general, a stability of the products when the bottle is closed. In the case of dosing pumps, where the risk of evaporation is more important, the stability is confirmed when the size of the bottle is appropriate to the use.

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