Schedule of your obligations: AGEC law and cosmetic regulations

COSMED provides you with a calendar of the obligations resulting from the AGEC law to help you understand the new key dates. The impact of environmental regulations on the cosmetics industry will be the subject of a special edition of the “Rencontres Règlementaires 2021”, on March 25 in Paris and in streaming. On the agenda: environmental display (Endocrine Disruptors, Triman and sorting instructions), environmental claims, bulk sales, extended producer responsibility, the ban on microplastics, the ban on the destruction of unsold products, the Green deal and the Ecolabel.

Cosmed also publishes the calendar of your regulatory obligations for 2022 (update april 2022) in order to better visualize the deadlines and regulatory changes that will impact the cosmetics industry this year. Subscribers to the regulatory watch service will find in the Cosmed Watch database a summary sheet dedicated to each obligation in this timeline.