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Purchasing group

HACosmed, the purchasing group of cosmetics SMEs.

Optimise your purchases

Its purpose is to obtain trading terms at the same level as major industrial groups, due to the volumes generated by the network.

Concrete results:

  • 280 active buyers
  • €2 million of purchases in 2018
  • 65 accredited suppliers
  • 30 to 60% savings on administrative supplies
  • 20 to 30% savings on hygiene products
  • 10 to 20% savings on logistics supplies

Query the network of buyers

  • Transactions between buyers

This service allows you to issue searches, requests, exchanges of good ideas, or even various information between buyer members of the HACosmed service. Your message is sent by mail to all the buyer contacts set up in the area that you have selected.

  • Materials exchange market

This service allows you to put one or several material exchange for accessories, packaging or raw materials online by putting a file online on the website. Your material exchange is put online for 2 months.

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