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SOLLICE BIOTECH is a life sciences key partner, as leading creator, producer and high-quality provider of active ingredients to benefit the cosmetics market.
SOLLICE BIOTECH offers a full range of innovative high-performance and functional active ingredients, which are scientifically proven to provide personal care and innovative solutions.
SOLLICE BIOTECH develops added value and sustainable partnerships with its clients and providers. This is done by combining expertise and skill to create molecules and produce ingredients to formulate high-quality products. Our aim is to stimulate product innovation and provide a high-quality service.
We modify and customize ingredients, including synergies in the formulation of products, on an international scale.
SOLLICE BIOTECH achieves the perfect balance between marketing and a scientific approach.Located in France, a trend setter for the Cosmetic and Beauty industry, SOLLICE BIOTECH is committed to ongoing improvement and always puts its clients first.
To create an all-in-one Solution based on Engineering of Biological Active Ingredients and offering cosmetic applications.
This includes :
– molecule creation,
– the production of high-tech Biotech active ingredients
– providing cosmetic applications with a focus on skin care (a high-value segment of the market)
We cover the entire value from creation to supply and service, including :
– securing the procurement of the selected raw materials
– pure research in state of-the-art laboratory
– the production of active ingredients
– using our active ingredients in the production of our bulk solutions for final clients.